Miss Diana Teneriffe 41

2017-08-17 Miss Diana 14:25 minutes Femdom
I decided to kick out swiss bitch, he can not take enough for me, I need a new house slave. For the last time I tease him a little with my perfect ass, my yummy spit and champagner!

Our second webcam session … the ladies tease a little, in fact it happens nothing, but you can show the girls which addicted loser you are … just buy this clip …

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Our second webcam session … the ladies tease the slaves live, and Princess Rachel presents her goddess ass once again!

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Our second webcam session ... this time without any slave .... the princesses tease the users, they stand above the laptop to give the view from where they belong ... but most of the time Princess Nikki licks the asshole of Princess Rachel Evans ... and if you will look at this ass you will understand Nikki :) By the way if you look in Rachels face you will see how she like it!!

This was our first live webcam session broadcasted live from Madeira. Lady Morgan Moon, Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans tease the users with sexy feet and then they prepare a cup full of yumme p.e..e for you. golden nectar from 3 princesses...a dream of every slave, and all just for you!

Actually we wanted to make just some fetish pictures with Lady Anna Solis ,Princess Rachel and the slave, but the Ladys started to say him to lick dirty boots clean, spit at him, use him as an ashtray, tease him with champagner, slap his stupid face...o.k. we are filming all the time so nothing became lost...

Miss Diana Teneriffe 26

2015-12-25 Miss Diana 11:15 minutes Femdom
I am teasing swiss bitch with my feet till he wires me money from his swiss account. I love when loosers like you pay for licking the dirt from my feet!

Miss Paula 06

2015-05-16 Miss Paula 12:43 minutes Femdom
Tags: teasing

Miss Alysha 09

2014-09-26 Miss Alysha 14:05 minutes Femdom
Miss Paula is teasing swiss bitch by changing panties in front of him.
Miss Alysha puts a cake on the floor, she trample on it with her bare feet, then she orders the slave to eat the cake from her feet. She teases the slave by masturbating while he has to clean her feet.

Gdansk session 03 - Clip 3

2014-02-20 Miss Barbara and Miss Paula 6:14 minutes Femdom
The slave has to help Miss Barbara washing herself!