Princess Smiley makes her slave clear, that he is just nothing more then her spitton!

Duisburg session 01.3

2017-09-20 Lady Marina 5:10 minutes Femdom
Lady Marina uses her slaves as spittons! She loves to humiliate them in this way! The cam is behind the slaves faces, so you have a pov view, you can imagine Lady Marina is spitting in your face!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 35

2017-04-05 Miss Diana 7:17 minutes Femdom
IWell this stupid barkeeper can´t satisfy me, I can use him only as a spitton and ass licker!

Berlin session 2011 - 2.4

2016-02-10 Lady Kate and Lady Morgan Moon 19:01 minutes Femdom

Lady Morgan Moon and Lady Kate have a cigarette in the changing room. They use Santa Claus as the ashtray but also as a spitton. Then they have the idea to spit liters of salvia on the mirror and let Santa Claus clean it! Nice clip for all spit lovers!

Berlin session 2011 - 1.1

2016-01-05 Lady Kate and Lady Morgan Moon 13:00 minutes Femdom

Arriving in Berlin Lady Morgan Moon and Lady Kate find slave Santa Claus where he belongs laying beside the toilet. The girls decide to have a cigarette first using him as an ashtray and a spitton. They let Santa Claus to clean all the street dirt from the shoes....

Miss Alysha 16

2015-03-01 Miss Alysha 18:23 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha returns from her date. She loves when a real man fucks her ass and cum in her asshole. When she comes home santa claus has to lick all the cum from her ass hole, then he has to worship her stinky feet after she was dancing and fucking all the night, at the end he has to serve as a spitton while she brush her teeth.


Berlin session 10 - Clip 1

2014-12-17 Lady Kate 15:45 minutes Femdom
Lady Kate prepares for a beautiful day of her perfect life as a goddess. First she smokes and uses slave Isaura as a astray, then she continues with brushing her teeth and using her slaves as a spittons. But what would be a morning without a morning sh..ting. The slaves are begging for being allowed to eat the sh..t from the toilet bowl, but Lady Kate says them to serve her for some years first before they will have this honor!