Me,  Nikki and Morgan we are so hot, but our shoes are so dirty - to be honest we made them dirty with intent haha ... Our disgusting slave licks the soles clean, he also worship our feet. From time to time we spit in his pathetic face. At the end he has to cum in a cup and lick all his own mess clean ... I almost have to when I see this disgusting pig eating his own sperm!

Cat session 2014 - 1.4

2017-02-05 Cat sisters 6:53 minutes Femdom

It's pedicure time again! The Cat Sisters feed the slave with the old skin from the feet! Yummy? Disgusting? Your choice!

Princess Nikki and Princess Smiley look so hot in sexy pantyhose. They tease the slave with amazing assas in nylons, but they turn sometimes and give him the honor of receiving Princesses spit!

Berlin session 2011 - 2.1

2016-01-30 Lady Kate and Lady Morgan Moon 21:14 minutes Femdom

First slave Santa Claus has to lick the feet of the girls clean, then they send him to bring all the sexy shoes. The girls try different shoes and the slave has to lick the soles clean, the girls spit sometimes at the shoes to make it more delicious! shoe fetish, foot worship

Miss Diana 03

2014-04-05 Miss Diana 16:40 minutes Femdom
Mistress Diana is speaking with her friend while the slave has to lay on the floor and worship her feet, sometimes she spits on him. Then he is allowed to lick her asshole clean, and enjoys the water where Diana washed her pussy and ass!

Miss Alysha in Spain 09

2014-04-01 Miss Alysha 21:32 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha starts with some trampling then she lets the slave lick her dirty asshole, she spits in his face, she orders the slave to lick her boots and feet! 

Miss Alysha in Spain 08

2014-04-01 Miss Alysha 16:48 minutes Femdom
The clip starts with some very hard face slapping, foot worship, ass worship and dirty spitting at slaves face follows. Miss Alysha speaks with her friend at the telephone sitting on slaves face! 

Miss Alysha in Spain 07

2014-04-01 Miss Alysha 16:06 minutes Femdom
The slave sits bounded in the chair. Miss Alysha orders him to suck her anal dildo, she spits in his mouth, let him worship her feet. She gives him a horny handjob and lets him lick his own cum from her hands. 

Miss Alysha in Spain 06

2014-04-01 Miss Alysha 22:19 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha starts with ordering the slave to clean her feet, then she tramples on him, she uses his mouth as a dildo holder, she lets him lick the dildo clean from her period juice, she worships his cock with feet till he cum. He has to eat his own cum from Miss Alyshas feet! 

Miss Alysha in Spain 05

2014-04-01 Miss Alysha 20:50 minutes Femdom
Including: feet worship, ass worship, spitting at slaves face, slapping slaves face, feeding slave from mistress ass (banana), mistress squirt at slave face! Enjoy! 

Miss Sharon and Miss Lucy 04

2014-02-25 Miss Lucy Latin and Miss Sharon 16:43 minutes Femdom
Miss Sharon and Miss Lucy use the slave to get their assholes and feet licked clean! Ass worship, Foot worship, Spitting


Miss Melissa and slave Dana 01

2014-02-24 Miss Melissa 17:43 minutes Femdom
Content: spanking, spitting, foot worship, whipping, toe sucking, face slapping


Miss Mia outdoor 01

2014-02-23 Miss Mia Andersson 14:35 minutes Femdom
Miss Mia starts the first day of her Ibiza holidays by getting her ass clean! That's the mission for her personal slave Kuro! Content: Shoe worship, foot worship, pussy licking, using slave as ashtray, face slapping, ass licking, facesitting, spitting


Gdansk session 03 - Clip 2

2014-02-20 Miss Barbara and Miss Paula 26:22 minutes Femdom
In this clip you see foot worship, pissing, spitting and food games.

Gdansk session 03 - Clip 1

2014-02-20 Miss Barbara and Miss Paula 15:10 minutes Femdom
In this clip you see foot worship and pissing.

Malaga session 01 - Clip 2

2014-02-04 Miss Nadine and Miss Pamela 16:07 minutes Femdom
The torture continues inside the house. The girls want to show Tommy at the first day of the service where is his place. They slap his face very hard, spit on it, kick his ass, let him worship the feet. Humilation of an old man by young Ladies!