Foot worship after sport

2019-04-04 Princess Smiley 11:07 minutes Femdom, Foot Fetish, Shoes
I use to do a lot of sport just to stay so beautiful … and my slave Gordon loves to smell on my sport shoes and to lick my sweaty feet clean!

Welcome slave Gordon 01

2019-03-21 Princess Smiley 19:49 minutes Face slapping, Femdom, Trampling
So you think, I am one of the Princesses that can only talk about how cruel they are? Mistake! Watch me humiliate slave Gordon in real. I spit in his face, slap his face, let him to worship my feet, I trample at him an ride him like a horse ... you know I just treat him like a piece of sh...t and I am sure you would love me to do the same with you loser ...

Duisburg session 01.2

2017-09-15 Lady Marina 11:10 minutes Femdom
Lady Marina uses slave swiss bitch to clean her ass. She lets him stick his tongue deep into her yummy ass! Then she teases her slaves showing them how she will use them as her pissing slaves!

Duisburg session 01.1

2017-09-10 Lady Marina 14:38 minutes Femdom
Lady Marina presents us her new slave. She asks him about his perversions, and then she makes with him what she wants. She slaps his face, she spits at him she kicks him and whips him. Clip in German! Laddy Marina is a very strict German Lady!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 38

2017-07-27 Miss Diana 12:29 minutes Femdom
My slave has to worship my feet and ass while I spit at him and slap his looser face!

Cat session 2013 - 3.4

2016-12-30 Cat sisters 15:29 minutes Femdom

First foot worship, then trampling and cbt! A nice clip for all fans of our devine feet!

Princess Nikki and Princess Smiley look so hot in sexy pantyhose. They tease the slave with amazing assas in nylons, but they turn sometimes and give him the honor of receiving Princesses spit!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 26

2015-12-25 Miss Diana 11:15 minutes Femdom
I am teasing swiss bitch with my feet till he wires me money from his swiss account. I love when loosers like you pay for licking the dirt from my feet!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 22

2015-10-10 Miss Diana and Miss Mia Andersson 11:36 minutes Femdom
It was a long journey, and my feet are so tired, but I have my slave swiss bitch to worship them fresh! 


Lady Cathy Heaven 02

2015-09-15 Lady Cathy Heaven 13:08 minutes Femdom
Lady Cathy Heaven teaches her slaves how to worship ladys feet. They have to lick her shoes clean first, then the same with her sweaty feet, what follows is a lesson in a deep throat action with ladys both feet at the same time!


Miss Paula 07

2015-05-21 Miss Paula 20:53 minutes Femdom
After taking a shower Miss Paula lets her slave worship her feet first, then she starts to tease him by sexy walking around him (sitting on a chair) and using his face as a target for her spit and face slaps!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 01

2015-04-01 Miss Diana 9:30 minutes Femdom
My stupid slave has to worship my feet and shoes, I help him with my spit for better result!


Miss Alysha 14

2015-02-20 Miss Alysha 15:31 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha feeds the slave with an egg in her very special way. She masturbates till she squirts while the slave worships her feet. She uses the slave as a dildo holder while she plays with her asshole, she feeds Santa Claus with some sweets directly from her ass hole. At the end the stupid slave calls her with the wrong name, that brings him some very hard face slapps - not a fake he really used the wrong name.


Canary session 01 - Clip 4

2015-02-10 Princess Nikki 11:07 minutes Femdom
Princess Nikki and Princess Maya relax and watch the pictures the slaves shoot, while slave has to worship the feet and shoes of the beautiful girls. If the princesses dislike any picture they just spit at the idiot that shoot this picture!

Gdansk session 06 - Clip 3

2014-12-03 Lady Victoria and Miss Paula 13:51 minutes Femdom
First he has to lick toe by toe then the girls literally fuck his throat with the feet and have a lot of fun doing it! 

Miss Alysha 10

2014-10-01 Miss Alysha 21:08 minutes Femdom
Beautiful Lady Alysha presents us her new slave santa claus. She sits on a table taking some coffe eating some cake. The slave serves her, she lets him eat some banana from her feet, he has to worship her feet, and sure she sometimes spit at him or slap his face.