If you wanna come with me for a shooting you have to buy gifts for me and my girlfriends. Everyday one gift for each girl ... so for a week 21 gifts :) but we are nice princesses and if we like your gifts you will be allowed to do something that you love like licking our armpits clean of all the sweat!

Duisburg session 01.6

2017-10-30 Lady Marina 2:47 minutes Femdom
The lucky bastard swiss bitch is allowed to lick all the yummy sweat under Lady Marinas armpits!

Berlin session 2011 - 4.2

2016-07-15 Princess Nikki and Princess Smiley 15:57 minutes Femdom

Princess Nikki and Princess Smiley prepare for a date. They use slave gordon to lick the armpits clean. They humiliate him talking about that he is only good to lick the armpits and will never have a date with a girl. Then Princess Nikki takes a sit on his face wearing a sexy pantyhose!

Lady Cathy Heaven 01

2015-09-05 Lady Cathy Heaven 16:40 minutes Femdom
This muscular Lady loves to play with her pets. She teases them a little by walking around and spitting in slave faces, she lets them worship her feet armpits and ass a little. She also slaps the pathetic faces just for her fun!


Miss Alysha 21

2015-03-25 Miss Alysha 14:54 minutes Femdom
Lady Alysha comes late home after dancing all the night, she has to sh..t first. She orders her slave to lick all the sweat from her feet and armpits. She talks very dirty about what she is doing. After sh,,ing she orders the slave to lick both holes clean, she also spits in slaves dirty mouth.


Miss Pamela 03

2014-03-11 Miss Pamela 7:27 minutes Femdom
Miss Pamela orders the slave to lick her armpits and her shoes!