Miss Diana Teneriffe 03

2015-04-11 Miss Diana and Miss Mia Andersson 14:53 minutes Femdom
My friend Miss Mia Andersson visited me, and we started some kinky spit and face slap games with the looser slave swiss bitch. He looks so disgusting with our spit in his stupid face! 


Miss Diana Teneriffe 02

2015-04-06 Miss Diana 7:35 minutes Femdom
Since I have my slave swiss bitch I do not need any toilet paper …


Miss Diana Teneriffe 01

2015-04-01 Miss Diana 9:30 minutes Femdom
My stupid slave has to worship my feet and shoes, I help him with my spit for better result!


Miss Alysha 21

2015-03-25 Miss Alysha 14:54 minutes Femdom
Lady Alysha comes late home after dancing all the night, she has to sh..t first. She orders her slave to lick all the sweat from her feet and armpits. She talks very dirty about what she is doing. After sh,,ing she orders the slave to lick both holes clean, she also spits in slaves dirty mouth.


Miss Alysha 20

2015-03-20 Miss Alysha 21:06 minutes Femdom
It´s time to feed the slave. Lady Alysha puts small cucumbers deep in her asshole and presses them out directly in slaves mouth. She also chews a cake and some fruits and spit all the sh..t on a plate, then she feeds the slave spoon by spoon with her special dinner. At the end she gives him a hand job till he cums at the spoon. Sure the slave has to consume his own cum!


Miss Alysha 19

2015-03-15 Miss Alysha 16:57 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha tortures slaves cock by using clothes-pins on his ballbag, crushing his balls by her shoes, kicking his balls...all the time she is spitting at him, at the end she allows him to lick her pussy and ass! 


Miss Alysha 18

2015-03-10 Miss Alysha 15:16 minutes Femdom
Lady Alysha gives the slave a spitting and face slapping lesson. She slaps his face harder and harder and spits all the time in his mouth. She also spits on a black dildo and orders the slave to simulate a blow job!


Miss Alysha 17

2015-03-05 Miss Alysha 20:35 minutes Femdom
Lady Alysha starts acting as a giant, you can look up to her barely covered croach, she looks very sexy in her black pantyhose. She teases the slave with her sexy ass, and then...the slave is allowed to put his tongue deep in Lady Allyshas asshole. He licks her ass in several positions, at the end Lady Allysha gives the slave a handjob and let him lick her fingers clean of his own sperm! This is a FULL HD video 1920x1080.


Miss Alysha 16

2015-03-01 Miss Alysha 18:23 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha returns from her date. She loves when a real man fucks her ass and cum in her asshole. When she comes home santa claus has to lick all the cum from her ass hole, then he has to worship her stinky feet after she was dancing and fucking all the night, at the end he has to serve as a spitton while she brush her teeth.


Miss Alysha 15

2015-02-25 Miss Alysha 13:42 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha prepares for a date. She uses the slave to clean her boots and her asshole. She has fun trampling on the slave and slapping his face.


Miss Alysha 14

2015-02-20 Miss Alysha 15:31 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha feeds the slave with an egg in her very special way. She masturbates till she squirts while the slave worships her feet. She uses the slave as a dildo holder while she plays with her asshole, she feeds Santa Claus with some sweets directly from her ass hole. At the end the stupid slave calls her with the wrong name, that brings him some very hard face slapps - not a fake he really used the wrong name.


Canary session 01 - Clip 5

2015-02-15 Princess Nikki 15:59 minutes Femdom
Swiss bitch forgot to buy toilet paper so he has to become toilet paper....he is doing it so well this bustard probably he even like it....anyway as a gift for the good job both girls give him a nice foot job and must eat his own cum!

Canary session 01 - Clip 4

2015-02-10 Princess Nikki 11:07 minutes Femdom
Princess Nikki and Princess Maya relax and watch the pictures the slaves shoot, while slave has to worship the feet and shoes of the beautiful girls. If the princesses dislike any picture they just spit at the idiot that shoot this picture!

Canary session 01 - Clip 3

2015-02-05 Princess Nikki 5:06 minutes Femdom
Just a short clip of two Princesses find a slave lazy in a chair and using him as a spitton!
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