Attention losers: I will slap your pathetic faces harder and harder, let's see who can take more, who is the winner, and the winner can lick my sweaty armpits.
Princess Smiley wanna proof how much pain the new slave can take for her. She is slapping his face harder and harder, and she knows she can do it really hard because her slave just wanna improve her!

Berlin session 2011 - 1.4

2016-01-20 Lady Kate and Lady Morgan Moon 14:02 minutes Face slapping

Lady Morgan Moon and Lady Kate love to treat man like a piece of s..h..t. They spit in his face and slap his face just to have some fun, because they are young and sexy and he is an old loser..

Miss Diana Teneriffe 25

2015-12-20 Miss Diana 6:09 minutes Face slapping
Swiss bitch wanted to make some hot pictures of me, but they become such a rubbish, that I had to slap his ugly face as a discipline!