Miss Alysha 17

2015-03-04Miss Alysha20:35 minutesFemdom
Miss Alysha 17 1
Miss Alysha 17 2
Lady Alysha starts acting as a giant, you can look up to her barely covered croach, she looks very sexy in her black pantyhose. She teases the slave with her sexy ass, and then...the slave is allowed to put his tongue deep in Lady Allyshas asshole. He licks her ass in several positions, at the end Lady Allysha gives the slave a handjob and let him lick her fingers clean of his own sperm! This is a FULL HD video 1920x1080.


Miss Alysha 16

2015-02-28Miss Alysha18:23 minutesFemdom
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Miss Alysha 16 2
Miss Alysha 16 3
Miss Alysha 16 4
Miss Alysha returns from her date. She loves when a real man fucks her ass and cum in her asshole. When she comes home santa claus has to lick all the cum from her ass hole, then he has to worship her stinky feet after she was dancing and fucking all the night, at the end he has to serve as a spitton while she brush her teeth.


Miss Alysha 15

2015-02-24Miss Alysha13:42 minutesFemdom
Miss Alysha 15 1
Miss Alysha 15 2
Miss Alysha 15 3
Miss Alysha 15 4
Miss Alysha prepares for a date. She uses the slave to clean her boots and her asshole. She has fun trampling on the slave and slapping his face.


Miss Alysha 11

2014-10-05Miss Alysha18:37 minutesFemdom
Miss Alysha 11 1
Miss Alysha 11 2
Miss Alysha 11 3
Miss Alysha 11 4
Lady Alysha uses Santa Claus as a asshole licker, she also stick a big dildo deep in her asshole and let the slave clean it with his tongue, trample at him and sometimes she spits at him. This Clip is highly recomended for all lovers of ass licking!


Miss Paula 05

2014-09-01Miss Paula11:45 minutesFemdom
Miss Paula 05 1
Miss Paula 05 2
Miss Paula 05 3
Miss Paula 05 4
Swiss Bitch has to lick a lot the assholes of diverse Ladies so it is good that Miss Paula gives him some of her tanth creme mixed with her spit!

Miss Alysha 08

2014-08-27Miss Alysha14:40 minutesFemdom
Miss Alysha 08 1
Miss Alysha 08 2
Miss Alysha 08 3
Miss Alysha 08 4
Miss Alysha uses the slave as an ass cleaner first, then she spits in his mouth and she lets her slave worship her feet. 

Miss Alysha 06

2014-08-20Miss Alysha16:52 minutesFemdom
Miss Alysha 06 1
Miss Alysha 06 2
Miss Alysha 06 3
Miss Alysha 06 4
In this clip you can see the cruel german girl Alysha teaching her new slave how to serve. She spits at his face, she slaps his face, she lets him lick all her dirty holes and her feet.

Miss Alysha 05

2014-08-15Miss Alysha14:36 minutesFemdom
Miss Alysha 05 1
Miss Alysha 05 2
Miss Alysha 05 3
Miss Alysha 05 4
Miss Alysha whips the slave hard, she lets him lick inside her asshole for a long time, and lets him worship fer feet!

Miss Barbara 06

2014-05-09Miss Barbara19:16 minutesFemdom
Miss Barbara 06 1
Miss Barbara 06 2
Miss Barbara 06 3
Miss Barbara 06 4
If you wanna be a slave of Miss Barbara prepare for some morning duties. You have to serve her as a spitton while she brush teeth, lick her ass clean, and clean the mirror of her spit using your tongue, if she has fun spitting on it!

Princess Sherly N. 03

2014-04-14Princess Sherly N.18:37 minutesFemdom
Princess Sherly N. 03 1
Princess Sherly N. 03 2
Princess Sherly N. 03 3
Princess Sherly N. 03 4
A second slave came to the session, so Princess Sherly decided to start a little competition. Who is the better feet and ass licker, who is a better spitton or horse, and who can take harder face slaps and whips. The winner is allowed to lick Princess sherly delicious pussy! What a honor!