Andalusia 09

2014-03-18 Miss Gina Blonde, Miss Linda, and Miss Terranee Devil 19:09 minutes Femdom
A big spitting, ass licking and feet licking competition with slave boy and 3 mistresses!

Andalusia 07

2014-03-18 Miss Gina Blonde, Miss Linda, and Miss Terranee Devil 20:28 minutes Femdom
Miss Terranee Devil, Miss Linda and Miss Gina Blonde use the slave boy for licking the feet clean! Gina Blonde also spits in his mouth!

Andalusia 04

2014-03-16 Miss Mia Phoenix and Princess Nikki 19:20 minutes Femdom
Miss Nikky and Miss Mia Phoenix are little bored laying on the pool, so they decide to have some fun with the slave. The slave has to lick the asses and feets. The girls humiliate him by slapping his face!

Andalusia 01

2014-03-16 Miss Mia Phoenix and Princess Nikki 18:35 minutes Femdom
Slave Tom has destroyed her Mistresse´s car. Miss Nikky and Miss Mia Phoenix are very angry about it. They whip his ass, and order him to lick their feet and asses!

Miss Lilly 05

2014-03-09 Miss Lilly 17:23 minutes Femdom
Miss Lilly allows the slave to clean her asshole! He is licking very deep inside, he becomes horny and starts playing with his cock. Miss Lilly allows him to come, but he has to eat his own cum! She slaps his face hard, and let him lick her dirty feet at the end!

Miss Lilly 04

2014-03-09 Miss Lilly 17:03 minutes Femdom

Miss Lilly 03

2014-03-09 Miss Lilly 19:15 minutes Femdom
Miss Lilly is speaking at the phone with her friend, while the slave is worshipping her feet! He is very boring for the lady, sometimes she spits on him, or slaps his face! After the call she is punishing him because of disturbs while the call! She chew some cake and spit it in his mouth!
Miss Lilly lets the slave be her ashtray, her ass and feet licker! He has also to lick all the dirt from the floor!

Miss Melissa new 04

2014-03-07 Miss Melissa 15:37 minutes Femdom
Melissa smokes a cigarette while the slave has to worship her feet! Then she let him lick her ass, and spits many times in his mouth! At the end you can see her presenting her ass to you in a pov position!

Miss Nicole 05

2014-03-02 Miss Nicole 21:42 minutes Femdom
Miss Nicole teases the slave first by doing some sexy exercises, then she orders him to lick her feet and ass!

Miss Nicole 04

2014-03-02 Miss Nicole 14:52 minutes Femdom
The slave did not clean the kitchen, so he has to clean Miss Nicole's boots, feet and asshole insteed!

Miss Kahti with two slaves 01

2014-02-26 Miss Kahti 17:57 minutes Femdom
Miss Kahti returns to kinky sexbox for even more cruel femdom action! In this clip you can see her ordering two slaves to lick her asshole, her pussy and her feet! If you like deep ass licking this clip is the right one for you! There is also some spitting action inside!


Miss Melissa and slave Dana 04

2014-02-24 Miss Melissa 12:41 minutes Femdom
ass licking, feeding, feet licking


Miss Kahti 05

2014-02-21 Miss Kahti 7:32 minutes Femdom
Miss Kahti allows her slave to lick her ass and feet after a shower!


Miss Kahti 04

2014-02-21 Miss Kahti 18:05 minutes Femdom
Kathy lets the slave suck her feet and she gives him her spitting to lick.


Miss Kahti 02

2014-02-21 Miss Kahti 21:11 minutes Femdom
Kahti spits on slaves face and let him suck her foot.