Lady Anna Solis and Princess Rachel ass licking 1
Lady Anna Solis and Princess Rachel ass licking 2

Lady Anna Solis and Princess Rachel use slave Tommy for cleaning dirty assholes. They do not need any toilet paper they just use slaves tongue to become clean after.... Yummy ass worship action..

Berlin session 2011 - 2.2

2016-02-04Lady Kate and Lady Morgan Moon10:43 minutesFemdom
Berlin session 2011 - 2.2 1
Berlin session 2011 - 2.2 2

Lady Morgan and Lady Kate go to a party tonight. While Lady Kate tries some clothes, Lady Morgan uses the slave to clean her ass. She ignores him most of the time speaking with Kate!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 27

2015-12-29Miss Diana8:47 minutesAsses
Miss Diana Teneriffe 27 1
Miss Diana Teneriffe 27 2
Miss Diana Teneriffe 27 3
Miss Diana Teneriffe 27 4
Sometimes I need it middle in the day, I just call my slave and allow him to stick his pathetic tongue in my yummy ass!
Prague session 06 - Clip 6 1
Prague session 06 - Clip 6 2
Prague session 06 - Clip 6 3
Prague session 06 - Clip 6 4
Princess Rachel Evans and Princess Jena Love use the slave for cleaning the ass holes. They let him stick his tongue deep inside searching for some sh...t. The Princesses spit at each other asses and let the slave lick it clean! THIS CLIP IS VERY YUMMY
Prague session 06 - Clip 1 1
Prague session 06 - Clip 1 2
Can you remember Princess Rachel Evans from Prague Session 2 and 3 ? We shoot it in spring 2008, and she was a nice girl, but today she is a real Goddess! Together with Princess Jena both Princesses give swiss bitch a hard lesson. They start with looking at some pics from his session with Lady Morgan and decide that they want him also to clean the shoes from street dirt. Sure they spit full in his face, slap his face, whip and kick him, tickle him. Princess Rachel even allows him to lick her de luxe ass! BRAT GIRLS IN FURY!


Miss Diana Teneriffe 21

2015-10-04Miss Diana and Miss Mia Andersson4:12 minutesFemdom
Miss Diana Teneriffe 21 1
Miss Diana Teneriffe 21 2
Miss Diana Teneriffe 21 3
Miss Diana Teneriffe 21 4
Me and my friend Miss Mia Andersson decide, that our bitch slave has to clean our feet and asses. We have a lot of fun slapping his face with our but cheeks! 


Miss Diana Teneriffe 15

2015-07-24Miss Diana5:23 minutesFemdom
Miss Diana Teneriffe 15 1
Miss Diana Teneriffe 15 2
Miss Diana Teneriffe 15 3
Miss Diana Teneriffe 15 4
Swiss bitch is wenking on some girls in magazins, I don´t believe it, I think he can better clean my asshole instead!


Prague session 05 - Clip 5

2015-06-14Lady Eliss and Lady Morgan Moon15:23 minutesFemdom
Prague session 05 - Clip 5 1
Prague session 05 - Clip 5 2
Prague session 05 - Clip 5 3
Prague session 05 - Clip 5 4
Lady Morgan Moon and Lady Ellis have some more fun with the pathetic slave. They let him lick asses, feet and also dirty shoes, they kick him and use him as a ponny, they spit at him and slap his face-just the way our Ladys deal with pathetic slaves!

Miss Alysha 21

2015-03-24Miss Alysha14:54 minutesFemdom
Miss Alysha 21 1
Miss Alysha 21 2
Lady Alysha comes late home after dancing all the night, she has to sh..t first. She orders her slave to lick all the sweat from her feet and armpits. She talks very dirty about what she is doing. After sh,,ing she orders the slave to lick both holes clean, she also spits in slaves dirty mouth.


Miss Alysha 19

2015-03-14Miss Alysha16:57 minutesFemdom
Miss Alysha 19 1
Miss Alysha 19 2
Miss Alysha tortures slaves cock by using clothes-pins on his ballbag, crushing his balls by her shoes, kicking his balls...all the time she is spitting at him, at the end she allows him to lick her pussy and ass!