In the kitchen the girls spit on slave and let him eat ashes!
4 beautiful Mistresses and 2 slaves, face slapping, spitting, kicking, whipping - all what a good femdom movie needs!
Also slave Adam receive some whipping, kicking and spitting for good morning!

Warsaw session 16 - Clip 1

2014-01-31 Lady Veronica and Miss Mika 10:23 minutes Femdom
Some whipping, kicking and spitting for good morning!
The slaves have to dance for some amusemant of the girls, they get whiped and kicked while dancing!

Warsaw session 15 - Clip 3

2014-01-31 Miss Diana and Miss Pamela 6:50 minutes Femdom
Slave Thommy can it barely await: the delicious fluids of the Ladies!
The girls want to show Miss Pamela how funny it can be to slap the face of the slave, and spit on him. At the and every girl spit a lot in a glas and the slave gets 5 glasses full of spit!
Miss Pamela- a wonderful brunette woman - joins the action. The 5 Mistresses whip the slave kick him, trample on him. It is cruel!
The slave has to lick all the assholes of the Misstresses clean!
The girls just wanted to eat some pizza, and smoke a cigarette, but then they decided to feed the slave with some pizza from mistres mouth mixed with spit and ashes!
Tags: feeding
All 4 girls spit in slaves face and mouth, and you can see this from different positions. This clip includes a lot of spit!!! The slave try to find out which girl spits on him!
Do you know which feet do you lick slave? If no we will slap your face!
Lady Diana and Lady Mica want to show Lady Samantha and Veronica, how they can slap slaves faces, and spit on them! Lady Samantha and Veronica shows them that they can do it much harder. Great spitting and face slapping action! In the second part of the clip the slaves get spanked and kicked!

May we introduce: Lady Diana new and beautiful Mistress on femdomuncut! The slaves have to lick her shoes and feet, Lady Diana slaps the faces of the slaves, the other ladies spank them!

Warsaw session 13 - Clip 3

2014-01-29 Lady Samantha, Lady Veronica, and Miss Mika 14:34 minutes Femdom
The clip starts with all Ladys spitting on a plate and the slave has to lick it up! Slave Adam don't wanna do it, so what follows is 10 minutes of extremly hard whipping and spanking! This is the most cruel whipping clip we ever shot, ideal for all lovers of sexy spanking girls!