Prague session 01 - Clip 5

2014-02-01 Lady Lana and Miss Sylvia 14:36 minutes Femdom
The girls walk around the appartment and spit everywhere. They spit on the window, on the mirror, on the tv screen, on the table! The slave has to clean all this things with his tongue from the mistresses spit! Hot!

Prague session 01 - Clip 4

2014-02-01 Lady Lana and Miss Sylvia 14:25 minutes Femdom
One of the girls let some liquid in a glas and ask the slave if he would like to...then they chew some chocolate cake and spit it all in slaves face and on the floor! They put some ashes and even more spit on the cake and the slave has to eat it all. Meantime they whip him hard!
Tags: feeding

Prague session 01 - Clip 3

2014-02-01 Lady Lana and Miss Sylvia 23:41 minutes Femdom
This clip is about feet and ass licking. The slave has to stick his tongue deep in mistresses assholes, the girls fuck his mouth with the feet, and let him lick some liquids from the floor!

Prague session 01 - Clip 2

2014-02-01 Lady Lana and Miss Sylvia 14:47 minutes Femdom
Lady Lana and Miss Sylvia use the slave as a spitton in different ways. They spit directly in his mouth,  but also in a dirty ashtray and let him lick all the slavia from there, they chew some banana and spit it in slaves mouth! They slap his face very hard! This is one of our best spitting and face slapping videos!

Prague session 01 - Clip 1

2014-02-01 Lady Lana and Miss Sylvia 16:51 minutes Femdom
Our first clip shoot in Prague! Lady Lana and Miss Sylvia are two cruel czech girls. They give slaveboy Tom a good lesson in hard whipping, foot and boots worship, also some spitting and face slapping action inside! Young beautiful cruel girls and an old man who has to serve them.
The slave has to clean the kitchen, lick some spit from the table ...
In the kitchen the girls spit on slave and let him eat ashes!
4 beautiful Mistresses and 2 slaves, face slapping, spitting, kicking, whipping - all what a good femdom movie needs!
Also slave Adam receive some whipping, kicking and spitting for good morning!

Warsaw session 16 - Clip 1

2014-01-31 Lady Veronica and Miss Mika 10:23 minutes Femdom
Some whipping, kicking and spitting for good morning!
The slaves have to dance for some amusemant of the girls, they get whiped and kicked while dancing!

Warsaw session 15 - Clip 3

2014-01-31 Miss Diana and Miss Pamela 6:50 minutes Femdom
Slave Thommy can it barely await: the delicious fluids of the Ladies!
The girls want to show Miss Pamela how funny it can be to slap the face of the slave, and spit on him. At the and every girl spit a lot in a glas and the slave gets 5 glasses full of spit!
Miss Pamela- a wonderful brunette woman - joins the action. The 5 Mistresses whip the slave kick him, trample on him. It is cruel!
The slave has to lick all the assholes of the Misstresses clean!