Berlin session 05 - Clip 4

2014-02-17 Lady Black 16:39 minutes Femdom
Lady Black meets her slaves on the stairs. She whips them, kick them in the balls and lets them worship her feet! 


Berlin session 05 - Clip 3

2014-02-17 Lady Black 15:10 minutes Femdom
Lady Black tells the slaves how lucky they are waiting for her champagner. Then she use them as bowl holder and let her champagner flow in the bowl. 


Tags: pissing

Berlin session 05 - Clip 2

2014-02-17 Lady Black 18:45 minutes Femdom
First Lady Black tramples on slaves, then she prepares a dinner for the loosers. She chew some cake and spit it on the plate and directly in slaves mouths! 


Berlin session 05 - Clip 1

2014-02-17 Lady Black 23:07 minutes Femdom
Lady Black is a very hot young Mistress from Berlin. In this clip you can see her using the slaves to clean her ass and feet! 


Berlin session 04 - Clip 5

2014-02-16 Miss Paris and Miss Viola 16:27 minutes Femdom
First the girls let the slave use his tongue for cleaning ladies feet, then they trample on him, facesitting follows, also some spitting at slave inside! 


Berlin session 04 - Clip 4

2014-02-16 Miss Paris and Miss Viola 18:52 minutes Femdom
This clip contains a lot of feet worship, spitting and ass worship! The cruel girls whip all the time the poor slave! 

Berlin session 04 - Clip 3

2014-02-16 Miss Paris and Miss Viola 22:32 minutes Femdom
Viola and Paris starts the clip by spitting in slave face, then he is allowed to worship the feet of the ladies. This clip is perfect for all feet lovers! 

Berlin session 04 - Clip 2

2014-02-16 Miss Paris and Miss Viola 13:22 minutes Femdom
Viola and Paris are two hot strippers, they slap the face of the slave and spit at him while dancing, then he has to clean the feet of the ladies! 

Berlin session 04 - Clip 1

2014-02-16 Miss Paris and Miss Viola 17:52 minutes Femdom
Viola and Paris are two luxus Ladies who have a lot of fun in the pool. They enjoy to be licked by the slave at her feet and asses! 

Malaga session 09 - Clip 3

2014-02-15 Miss Nadine and Miss Pamela 17:08 minutes Femdom
This is a last clip of all the Malaga session. After one week of shootings the Ladies wanted to end the holidays with the most dirty action possible. They chew some choclet cake spit all the wet bulk at the plate and let Tommy eat all the sh.. At the end he also get some deepthroat with divers objects! 

Malaga session 09 - Clip 2

2014-02-15 Miss Nadine and Miss Pamela 26:22 minutes Femdom
In this 25 minuts liters of spit lands on Tommys ugly face, hundrets of hard face slaps, face kicks attend all this spitting. All spitting fans will enjoy this clip!

Malaga session 09 - Clip 1

2014-02-15 Miss Nadine and Miss Pamela 13:26 minutes Femdom
The Ladies use fly flaps to give the poor boy a hard beat. 


Malaga session 08 - Clip 4

2014-02-14 Miss Nadine and Miss Pamela 23:40 minutes Femdom
Do not miss this 24 minutes games in the garden. The ladies let the slave fuck a tree, they kick him hard ,slap his face spit on him, use him as a target - oranges are cannonballs. The Ladies really treat him like a piece of sh.... 


Malaga session 08 - Clip 3

2014-02-14 Miss Nadine and Miss Pamela 16:00 minutes Femdom
First Miss Nadine uses the slave as an ass cleaner, while she is speaking on the phone. Both Ladies let the slave boy worship feet and boots. They also kick him in his ugly face.


Malaga session 08 - Clip 2

2014-02-14 Miss Nadine and Miss Pamela 20:06 minutes Femdom
The Ladies start in this long clip with intensive spitting and real hard face slapping. The camera remains constantly behind the slave so you can see all the time the fun that the Ladies have by spitting and face slapping a man. The action continues with boot worship and ballbusting! HOT and Cruel!