Miss Diana Teneriffe 21

2015-10-05 Miss Diana and Miss Mia Andersson 4:12 minutes Femdom
Me and my friend Miss Mia Andersson decide, that our bitch slave has to clean our feet and asses. We have a lot of fun slapping his face with our but cheeks! 


Lady Cathy Heaven 02

2015-09-15 Lady Cathy Heaven 13:08 minutes Femdom
Lady Cathy Heaven teaches her slaves how to worship ladys feet. They have to lick her shoes clean first, then the same with her sweaty feet, what follows is a lesson in a deep throat action with ladys both feet at the same time!


Prague session 05 - Clip 6

2015-06-20 Lady Eliss and Lady Morgan Moon 18:17 minutes Femdom
This clip is all about licking the dirt. First the slave must lick the Ladys shoes clean, then also the feet, following by yummy ass holes and at the end they let him lick all the sweat from Ladys armpits! What an honor for the slave!

Prague session 05 - Clip 5

2015-06-15 Lady Eliss and Lady Morgan Moon 15:23 minutes Femdom
Lady Morgan Moon and Lady Ellis have some more fun with the pathetic slave. They let him lick asses, feet and also dirty shoes, they kick him and use him as a ponny, they spit at him and slap his face-just the way our Ladys deal with pathetic slaves!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 09

2015-05-11 Miss Diana 9:13 minutes Femdom
First I crush two tomatoes like I would do with your balls, then my slave has to lick my feet clean.


Miss Diana Teneriffe 04

2015-04-16 Miss Diana 4:24 minutes Femdom
I am relaxing at the patio while the Idiot has to lick my feet!


Miss Alysha 16

2015-03-01 Miss Alysha 18:23 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha returns from her date. She loves when a real man fucks her ass and cum in her asshole. When she comes home santa claus has to lick all the cum from her ass hole, then he has to worship her stinky feet after she was dancing and fucking all the night, at the end he has to serve as a spitton while she brush her teeth.


Gdansk session 06 - Clip 1

2014-11-21 Lady Victoria and Miss Paula 13:21 minutes Femdom
Miss Paula and Lady Victoria ride the horse and let him lick the beautifull feet clean!

Berlin session 08 - Clip 2

2014-09-14 Lady Kate 12:04 minutes Femdom
First Lady Kate lets the slaves lick her feet, then she is whipping one of the slaves without mercy!

Miss Alysha 04

2014-08-09 Miss Alysha 20:25 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha lets the slave lick her feet,  eat some choclat cake after she has chew it! She kicks his cock and spits in his face! Dirty!

Gdansk session 05 - Clip 2

2014-05-25 Lady Victoria and Miss Paula 16:54 minutes Femdom
Miss Paula and Lady Victoria ride the slave, spit at him, let him sniff the beautifull asses and lick the devine feet of them! 

Gdansk session 05 - Clip 1

2014-05-20 Lady Victoria and Miss Paula 16:25 minutes Femdom
Miss Paula and Lady Victoria teach swiss bitch to be a perfect shoe and feet licker. Sometimes they spit in his pathetic face! 

Miss Barbara 05

2014-05-05 Miss Barbara 23:18 minutes Femdom
Miss Barbara prepares a disgusting dinner for her slave. She chews some toast, apple and yoghurt spit it on a plate, put some ashes from her cigarette on it, then she orders the slave to eat it all. He also has to lick all this stuff from her feet!

Miss Barbara 04

2014-04-30 Miss Barbara 14:20 minutes Femdom
iss Barbara uses her slave swiss bitch as a shoe cleaner, feet licker and spitton!

Princess Sherly N. 03

2014-04-15 Princess Sherly N. 18:37 minutes Femdom
A second slave came to the session, so Princess Sherly decided to start a little competition. Who is the better feet and ass licker, who is a better spitton or horse, and who can take harder face slaps and whips. The winner is allowed to lick Princess sherly delicious pussy! What a honor!