Miss Melissa new 02

2014-03-06Miss Melissa17:05 minutesFemdom
Miss Melissa new 02 1
Miss Melissa new 02 2
Miss Melissa new 02 3
Miss Melissa new 02 4
Miss Melissa Black looks really hot in her black boots! She allows the slave to lick her pussy and her asshole in all possible positions! The lucky slave enjoys to stick his tongue deep in the mistress asshole!

Carmen and Kahti 02

2014-03-04Miss Carmen Diaz and Miss Kahti19:35 minutesFemdom
Carmen and Kahti 02 1
Carmen and Kahti 02 2
Carmen and Kahti 02 3
Carmen and Kahti 02 4
The ladies continue to humiliate the slave. He has to serve them at pool, this include ass and feet licking. They enjoy to spit the coctails in his face!

Carmen and Kahti 01

2014-03-04Miss Carmen Diaz and Miss Kahti14:40 minutesFemdom
Carmen and Kahti 01 1
Carmen and Kahti 01 2
Carmen and Kahti 01 3
Carmen and Kahti 01 4
Miss Kahti invites Miss Carmen Diaz to humiliate her slave after the breakfast! The ladies spit on him, give him some food after chewing it, slap his face and let him worship the asses and feet!

Toms lesson 04

2014-03-03Miss Lulu15:24 minutesFemdom
Toms lesson 04 1
Toms lesson 04 2
Toms lesson 04 3
Toms lesson 04 4
Miss Lulu enjoys slave Tom licking her ass and feet, spitting in his face and slapping him!

Toms lesson 03

2014-03-03Miss Lulu13:52 minutesFemdom
Toms lesson 03 1
Toms lesson 03 2
Toms lesson 03 3
Toms lesson 03 4
Miss Lulu lets Tom lick her asshole and her feet in the bathroom. She also spits on him and slap his face!

Toms lesson 02

2014-03-03Miss Mia Phoenix17:48 minutesFemdom
Toms lesson 02 1
Toms lesson 02 2
Toms lesson 02 3
Toms lesson 02 4
Miss Phoenix continues the education of her slave Tom! She spits on him, let him worship her ass and feet. She chew on an apple and and spit it in his mouth!

Toms lesson 01

2014-03-03Miss Mia Phoenix20:05 minutesFemdom
Toms lesson 01 1
Toms lesson 01 2
Toms lesson 01 3
Toms lesson 01 4
Miss Phoenix gives slave Tom some lessons in spitting, face slapping and ass licking!

Miss Nicole 05

2014-03-01Miss Nicole21:42 minutesFemdom
Miss Nicole 05 1
Miss Nicole 05 2
Miss Nicole 05 3
Miss Nicole 05 4
Miss Nicole teases the slave first by doing some sexy exercises, then she orders him to lick her feet and ass!

Miss Nicole 04

2014-03-01Miss Nicole14:52 minutesFemdom
Miss Nicole 04 1
Miss Nicole 04 2
Miss Nicole 04 3
Miss Nicole 04 4
The slave did not clean the kitchen, so he has to clean Miss Nicole's boots, feet and asshole insteed!

Miss Kahti with two slaves 06

2014-02-25Miss Kahti21:33 minutesFemdom
Miss Kahti with two slaves 06 1
Miss Kahti with two slaves 06 2
Miss Kahti with two slaves 06 3
Miss Kahti with two slaves 06 4
Miss Kahti orders the slaves to help her put some nylons on, they are too stupid for this challenge, so they have to lick her ass, and put the nylons themself! Then the slaves have to dance together like some fucking queens!