Attention losers a new competition: I will whip you harder and harder, let's see who can take more, who is the winner, and the winner can lick my sweaty belly.
Attention losers: I will slap your pathetic faces harder and harder, let's see who can take more, who is the winner, and the winner can lick my sweaty armpits.
French Babe Angell Summers tortures the worthless dicks and balls of her slaves…
French Babe Angell Summers gives the slaves a good facesitting under her big ass. No air boib! She also uses them to clean her shoes. Also some cbt action inside.
Princess Smiley spits on the mirror and her slave licks the mirror clean.
Tags: spitting
Princess Smiley is trampling on her slave while she prepares herself for a date. She allowes him to lick her shoes and spits in his mouth!
Now it's time for real pain. Princess Smiley is ballbusting her slave really hard!
He is definitely a lucky slave, because Princess Smiley uses him as a pillow for her yummy ass!
Princess Smiley makes her slave clear, that he is just nothing more then her spitton!
Princess Smiley wanna proof how much pain the new slave can take for her. She is slapping his face harder and harder, and she knows she can do it really hard because her slave just wanna improve her!
Princess Smileys new slave licks her sporty shoes clean, eats her dirty socks and licks her smelly feet!

Duisburg session 01.8

2017-11-13 Lady Marina 9:07 minutes Femdom
Thats real public humiliation! Lady Marina spits in the glas of swiss bitch, and he is emptying her spit in a restaurant full of people!

Duisburg session 01.7

2017-11-06 Lady Marina 6:16 minutes Femdom
Swiss bitch wanted to make some nice pictures of his Lady, but he was too stupid to care about his battery....Lady Marina can only spit at him!

Duisburg session 01.6

2017-10-30 Lady Marina 2:47 minutes Femdom
The lucky bastard swiss bitch is allowed to lick all the yummy sweat under Lady Marinas armpits!

Duisburg session 01.5

2017-10-25 Lady Marina 6:37 minutes Femdom
Lady Marina uses her slave to lick her snikers and her feet clean!