Duisburg session 01.1

2017-09-10 − Lady Marina − 14:38 minutes
Lady Marina presents us her new slave. She asks him about his perversions, and then she makes with him what she wants. She slaps his face, she spits at him she kicks him and whips him. Clip in German! Laddy Marina is a very strict German Lady!

Budapest session 2012 - 1.3

2016-11-25 − Princess Smiley − 10:53 minutes

Nikkis teacher visits me again. I use him for cleaning the soles of my shoes, I spit in his face because he is just a piece of sh..t. O.k my shoes are clean so I am nice and let him smell on my princess butt!

Princess Nikki and Princess Smiley look so hot in sexy pantyhose. They tease the slave with amazing assas in nylons, but they turn sometimes and give him the honor of receiving Princesses spit!

Berlin session 08 - Clip 1

2014-09-08 − Lady Kate − 13:00 minutes
Lady Kate lets the slaves worship her feet and shoes!
This clip starts with a spitting competition followed with some riding, slave kicking and shoe worship!

Miss Mia outdoor 01

2014-02-23 − Miss Mia Andersson − 14:35 minutes
Miss Mia starts the first day of her Ibiza holidays by getting her ass clean! That's the mission for her personal slave Kuro! Content: Shoe worship, foot worship, pussy licking, using slave as ashtray, face slapping, ass licking, facesitting, spitting


Warsaw session 19 - Clip 2

2014-02-18 − Lady Samantha, Miss Dagi − 3:42 minutes
In this short clip the ladies clean her shoes at the slaves tongue and clothes after coming back from the disco!