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Berlin session 2011 - 1.5

January 25, 2016 − Lady Kate, Lady Morgan Moon

11:14 minutes

Lady Morgan Moon and Lady Kate pull the hair out of slave chest....very sadistic !



Berlin session 2011 - 1.4

January 20, 2016 − Lady Kate, Lady Morgan Moon

14:02 minutes

Lady Morgan Moon and Lady Kate love to treat man like a piece of s..h..t. They spit in his face and slap his face just to have some fun, because they are young and sexy and he is an old loser..



Berlin session 2011 - 1.3

January 15, 2016 − Lady Kate, Lady Morgan Moon

20:33 minutes

Like sexy girls whipping merciless a pathetic slave? Sure, would like to be in his place, or better just and only watch the clip? Anyway Lady Morgan and Lady Kate are very hot whipping this old fart, also some ballbusting inside!



Berlin session 2011 - 1.2

January 10, 2016 − Lady Kate, Lady Morgan Moon

13:36 minutes

The slave is laying on the floor of the toilet, both girls kick his body, spit at him, make him crazy when he is watching them using the toilet.



Berlin session 2011 - 1.1

January 05, 2016 − Lady Kate, Lady Morgan Moon

13:00 minutes

Arriving in Berlin Lady Morgan Moon and Lady Kate find slave Santa Claus where he belongs laying beside the toilet. The girls decide to have a cigarette first using him as an ashtray and a spitton. They let Santa Claus to clean all the street dirt from the shoes....


Miss Diana Teneriffe 27

December 30, 2015 − Miss Diana

8:47 minutes
Sometimes I need it middle in the day, I just call my slave and allow him to stick his pathetic tongue in my yummy ass!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 26

December 25, 2015 − Miss Diana

11:15 minutes
I am teasing swiss bitch with my feet till he wires me money from his swiss account. I love when loosers like you pay for licking the dirt from my feet!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 25

December 20, 2015 − Miss Diana

6:09 minutes
Swiss bitch wanted to make some hot pictures of me, but they become such a rubbish, that I had to slap his ugly face as a discipline!


Princess Krystie 02

December 15, 2015 − Princess Krystie

7:51 minutes
Lady Krystie gives the slaves a hot foot job and let they lick each others disgusting sperm from her pretty feet!


Princess Krystie 01

December 08, 2015 − Princess Krystie

11:44 minutes
When Lady Krystie comes to the shooting she first lets one of the slaves lick her shoes clean of all the street dirt. Also her feet needs a wet slaves tongue.