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Berlin session 11 - Clip 2

January 10, 2015 − Lady Kate

7:14 minutes
Lady Kate rides on her slaves like on horses, she also whips them like horses!

Berlin session 11 - Clip 1

January 04, 2015 − Lady Kate

10:08 minutes
Lady Kate jumps with her ass on slaves chest, she whips his chest, she spits at him!

Berlin session 10 - Clip 3

December 28, 2014 − Lady Kate

24:43 minutes
What a lucky bustards this slaves ... Lady Kate teases them with her perfect body ... she shakes her hot ass in different panties while slaves have to wenk ... sometimes she even gives them her yummy spit or slap the faces if she is not satisfied with the result ...

Berlin session 10 - Clip 2

December 24, 2014 − Lady Kate

20:44 minutes
Lady Kate lets the slave clean the kitchen, then they are also allowed to clean her shoes and feet, she also feed them with some crushed suger from her shoes and some yummy spit!

Berlin session 10 - Clip 1

December 17, 2014 − Lady Kate

15:45 minutes
Lady Kate prepares for a beautiful day of her perfect life as a goddess. First she smokes and uses slave Isaura as a astray, then she continues with brushing her teeth and using her slaves as a spittons. But what would be a morning without a morning sh..ting. The slaves are begging for being allowed to eat the sh..t from the toilet bowl, but Lady Kate says them to serve her for some years first before they will have this honor!

Gdansk session 06 - Clip 4

December 10, 2014 − Lady Victoria, Miss Paula

9:52 minutes
The Ladies strips in front of the slave and let him jark his pathetic cock. He cums on the floor and have to eat his own cum!

Gdansk session 06 - Clip 3

December 03, 2014 − Lady Victoria, Miss Paula

13:51 minutes
First he has to lick toe by toe then the girls literally fuck his throat with the feet and have a lot of fun doing it! 

Gdansk session 06 - Clip 2

November 28, 2014 − Lady Victoria, Miss Paula

11:48 minutes
This is a spitting special. Watch this two beautifull Ladys when they cover slaves face with delicious spit. Lady Victoria smiles all the time very sexy! ONE OF OUR BEST SPITTING CLIPS!!!

Gdansk session 06 - Clip 1

November 21, 2014 − Lady Victoria, Miss Paula

13:21 minutes
Miss Paula and Lady Victoria ride the horse and let him lick the beautifull feet clean!

Berlin session 09 - Clip 4

November 14, 2014 − Lady Kate

3:33 minutes

It´s time for face walk with Lady Kate.
Slave Isaurka is devoted tolady Kate's feet. He takes pictures of Kate. Shooting and some backstage private moments!