Miss Alysha 08

2014-08-28 − Miss Alysha − 14:40 minutes
Miss Alysha uses the slave as an ass cleaner first, then she spits in his mouth and she lets her slave worship her feet. 

Miss Alysha 06

2014-08-21 − Miss Alysha − 16:52 minutes
In this clip you can see the cruel german girl Alysha teaching her new slave how to serve. She spits at his face, she slaps his face, she lets him lick all her dirty holes and her feet.

Miss Alysha 05

2014-08-16 − Miss Alysha − 14:36 minutes
Miss Alysha whips the slave hard, she lets him lick inside her asshole for a long time, and lets him worship fer feet!

Miss Alysha 04

2014-08-09 − Miss Alysha − 20:25 minutes
Miss Alysha lets the slave lick her feet,  eat some choclat cake after she has chew it! She kicks his cock and spits in his face! Dirty!

Miss Paula 04

2014-08-02 − Miss Paula − 11:18 minutes
Sexy Miss Paula teases swiss bitch a little, she lets him worship her feet and at the end she spits in his face!

Miss Alysha 03

2014-07-27 − Miss Alysha − 16:28 minutes
This clip contains a lot of peeing!
Tags: peeing

Miss Paula 03

2014-07-22 − Miss Paula − 23:57 minutes

Miss Alysha 02

2014-07-17 − Miss Alysha − 20:50 minutes
You know what means - game 25 - it is a face slapping game, the slave has to count down from 25, but by Lady Paula it means first 25 slaps, then 24, then 23 and so far! between the slaps she always spit in his face!
This clip contains a lot of spitting and face slaping, but also some teasing with other body fluids, ass licking, and boots worship!

Miss Paula 02

2014-07-12 − Miss Paula − 15:27 minutes

Miss Alysha 01

2014-07-07 − Miss Alysha − 15:00 minutes
Miss Paula first teases swiss bitch by crossing and uncrossing her endless legs, then she lets him sniff at her pretty ass and worship her feet!
Miss Alysha is a cruel young Lady from Munich (Germany). In this first clip you can see her slap slaves face very hard, spit on him, whip him, let him lick her ass, and worship her boots!

Miss Paula 01

2014-07-02 − Miss Paula − 15:16 minutes

Berlin session 07 - Clip 5

2014-06-24 − Lady Kate − 10:43 minutes
Miss Paula normally works as a model, but sometimes she needs to relax enjoying a pathetic slave worship her feet!
Lady Kate presents her admirable feet to one of the slaves, backstage clip! 

Berlin session 07 - Clip 4

2014-06-19 − Lady Kate − 24:12 minutes
Lady Kate can not get enough of humiliating the slaves. She lets them come one after another to her feet, worship them, she spits at slaves, she slap the pathetic faces, she whips and kicks the slaves, she spits at the floor and the losers have to lick her spit from the dirty floor.

Berlin session 07 - Clip 3

2014-06-19 − Lady Kate − 14:20 minutes
This clip is the hardest one in this store so far! Lady Kate is whipping the slave harder and harder, then she starts to kick his balls till he lays down and begs for mercy! Lady Kate is the most merciless Lady we ever had in front of the camera!

Berlin session 07 - Clip 2

2014-06-14 − Lady Kate − 10:15 minutes
Lady Kate uses her slave as an ashtray and spitton, lets him lick her heels and her spit from the floor. She just treats him like peace of sh..t!