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Miss Paula 06

May 16, 2015 − Miss Paula

12:43 minutes

Miss Diana Teneriffe 09

May 11, 2015 − Miss Diana

9:13 minutes
Miss Paula is teasing swiss bitch by changing panties in front of him.
First I crush two tomatoes like I would do with your balls, then my slave has to lick my feet clean.



Miss Diana Teneriffe 08

May 06, 2015 − Miss Diana

8:03 minutes
Swiss bitch trys to come out from the pool I tease him with my ass and when he comes I spit in his face and slap hard his stupid face.



Miss Diana Teneriffe 07

May 01, 2015 − Miss Diana

5:53 minutes
I love this, it's a funny game when this bitch almost can not breethe!



Miss Diana Teneriffe 06

April 26, 2015 − Miss Diana

4:02 minutes
Just a short clip, me spitting at swiss bitch face! 



Miss Diana Teneriffe 05

April 21, 2015 − Miss Diana

7:55 minutes
I am just walking around the pool, teasing you with my beautiful ass covered in hot black pants, then I call my slave and allow him to smell my goddess ass!



Miss Diana Teneriffe 04

April 16, 2015 − Miss Diana

4:24 minutes
I am relaxing at the patio while the Idiot has to lick my feet!



Miss Diana Teneriffe 03

April 11, 2015 − Miss Diana, Miss Mia Andersson

14:53 minutes
My friend Miss Mia Andersson visited me, and we started some kinky spit and face slap games with the looser slave swiss bitch. He looks so disgusting with our spit in his stupid face! 



Miss Diana Teneriffe 02

April 06, 2015 − Miss Diana

7:35 minutes
Since I have my slave swiss bitch I do not need any toilet paper …



Miss Diana Teneriffe 01

April 01, 2015 − Miss Diana

9:30 minutes
My stupid slave has to worship my feet and shoes, I help him with my spit for better result!