Miss Diana special

2014-10-24 Miss Diana 20:19 minutes Femdom
Miss Dianas peeing special....


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Miss Alysha 13

2014-10-18 Miss Alysha 9:15 minutes Femdom
After a short sequence of a giant view Lady Alysha starts with very hard face slapping and spitting action. She brings Santa Claus to his limits.


Miss Alysha 12

2014-10-12 Miss Alysha 20:51 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha in peeing action!


Tags: peeing

Miss Alysha 11

2014-10-06 Miss Alysha 18:37 minutes Femdom
Lady Alysha uses Santa Claus as a asshole licker, she also stick a big dildo deep in her asshole and let the slave clean it with his tongue, trample at him and sometimes she spits at him. This Clip is highly recomended for all lovers of ass licking!


Miss Alysha 10

2014-10-01 Miss Alysha 21:08 minutes Femdom
Beautiful Lady Alysha presents us her new slave santa claus. She sits on a table taking some coffe eating some cake. The slave serves her, she lets him eat some banana from her feet, he has to worship her feet, and sure she sometimes spit at him or slap his face.


Miss Alysha 09

2014-09-26 Miss Alysha 14:05 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha puts a cake on the floor, she trample on it with her bare feet, then she orders the slave to eat the cake from her feet. She teases the slave by masturbating while he has to clean her feet.

Berlin session 08 - Clip 3

2014-09-20 Lady Kate 18:30 minutes Femdom
Laty Kate spits at the slaves and slaps the faces very hard. At the end the slaves are allowed to lick some milk from her legs!

Berlin session 08 - Clip 2

2014-09-14 Lady Kate 12:04 minutes Femdom
First Lady Kate lets the slaves lick her feet, then she is whipping one of the slaves without mercy!

Berlin session 08 - Clip 1

2014-09-08 Lady Kate 13:00 minutes Femdom
Lady Kate lets the slaves worship her feet and shoes!

Miss Paula 05

2014-09-02 Miss Paula 11:45 minutes Femdom
Swiss Bitch has to lick a lot the assholes of diverse Ladies so it is good that Miss Paula gives him some of her tanth creme mixed with her spit!

Miss Alysha 08

2014-08-28 Miss Alysha 14:40 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha uses the slave as an ass cleaner first, then she spits in his mouth and she lets her slave worship her feet. 

Miss Alysha 06

2014-08-21 Miss Alysha 16:52 minutes Femdom
In this clip you can see the cruel german girl Alysha teaching her new slave how to serve. She spits at his face, she slaps his face, she lets him lick all her dirty holes and her feet.

Miss Alysha 05

2014-08-16 Miss Alysha 14:36 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha whips the slave hard, she lets him lick inside her asshole for a long time, and lets him worship fer feet!

Miss Alysha 04

2014-08-09 Miss Alysha 20:25 minutes Femdom
Miss Alysha lets the slave lick her feet,  eat some choclat cake after she has chew it! She kicks his cock and spits in his face! Dirty!

Miss Paula 04

2014-08-02 Miss Paula 11:18 minutes Femdom
Sexy Miss Paula teases swiss bitch a little, she lets him worship her feet and at the end she spits in his face!