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Prague session 06 - Clip 1

October 25, 2015 − Princess Jena Love, Princess Rachel Evans

19:40 minutes
Can you remember Princess Rachel Evans from Prague Session 2 and 3 ? We shoot it in spring 2008, and she was a nice girl, but today she is a real Goddess! Together with Princess Jena both Princesses give swiss bitch a hard lesson. They start with looking at some pics from his session with Lady Morgan and decide that they want him also to clean the shoes from street dirt. Sure they spit full in his face, slap his face, whip and kick him, tickle him. Princess Rachel even allows him to lick her de luxe ass! BRAT GIRLS IN FURY!



Miss Diana Teneriffe 24

October 20, 2015 − Miss Diana, Miss Mia Andersson

7:00 minutes
A short clip me using swiss bitch as a ashtray and spitton! 



Miss Diana Teneriffe 23

October 15, 2015 − Miss Diana, Miss Mia Andersson

7:31 minutes
Me and Mia Andersson spit at the car of a pervert who are filming us from his car and order him to clean it at the end! 



Miss Diana Teneriffe 22

October 10, 2015 − Miss Diana, Miss Mia Andersson

11:36 minutes
It was a long journey, and my feet are so tired, but I have my slave swiss bitch to worship them fresh! 



Miss Diana Teneriffe 21

October 05, 2015 − Miss Diana, Miss Mia Andersson

4:12 minutes
Me and my friend Miss Mia Andersson decide, that our bitch slave has to clean our feet and asses. We have a lot of fun slapping his face with our but cheeks! 



Miss Diana Teneriffe 20

September 30, 2015 − Miss Diana

2:44 minutes
Just a short clip, me whipping my bitch slave! 




Lady Cathy Heaven 03

September 25, 2015 − Lady Cathy Heaven

5:54 minutes
It's pee time !



Miss Diana Teneriffe 19

September 20, 2015 − Miss Diana

5:35 minutes
Swiss bitch has to keep my shoes clean! 




Lady Cathy Heaven 02

September 15, 2015 − Lady Cathy Heaven

13:08 minutes
Lady Cathy Heaven teaches her slaves how to worship ladys feet. They have to lick her shoes clean first, then the same with her sweaty feet, what follows is a lesson in a deep throat action with ladys both feet at the same time!



Miss Diana Teneriffe 18

September 10, 2015 − Miss Diana

4:59 minutes
Swiss bitch has to eat all the dirt from my ears and nose. How disgusting!