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Miss Diana special Teneriffe 02

August 10, 2015 − Miss Diana

12:57 minutes
It's peeing time !



Miss Diana special Teneriffe 01

August 05, 2015 − Miss Diana

8:16 minutes
It's peeing time !



Miss Diana Teneriffe 16

July 30, 2015 − Miss Diana

6:00 minutes
Swiss bitch has to keep my shoes clean! 



Miss Diana Teneriffe 15

July 25, 2015 − Miss Diana

5:23 minutes
Swiss bitch is wenking on some girls in magazins, I don´t believe it, I think he can better clean my asshole instead!



Miss Diana Teneriffe 14

July 20, 2015 − Miss Diana

9:08 minutes
My house slave swiss bitch has the obligation to keep my house clean, sometimes I have to take some control if he is working well... 



Miss Diana Teneriffe 13

July 15, 2015 − Miss Diana

4:35 minutes
Slave swiss bitch shows me his poor small dick, he even trys to wenk it … I laugh about him kick in his balls and slap his stupid face!



Miss Diana Teneriffe 12

July 10, 2015 − Miss Diana

9:16 minutes
My stupid slave swiss bitch trys to tell me how beautiful I am. His English is very poor, so I am not satisfied with his descriptions and have to slap and kick his face for punishment.



Miss Diana Teneriffe 11

July 05, 2015 − Miss Diana, Miss Mia Andersson

6:54 minutes
My friend Miss Mia gives the slave a horny foot job, the slaves cums at her feet and have to lick her feet clean from his own sperm. I am sitting beside Mia and take a look at all this misery of his cock, sometimes I spit at it! 



Miss Diana Teneriffe 10

June 30, 2015 − Miss Diana

7:24 minutes
My slave swiss bitch is such a pervert, he loves to eat my spit and even my snot, I bet you would also like to try…



Prague session 05 - Clip 7

June 25, 2015 − Lady Eliss, Lady Morgan Moon

15:48 minutes
It's pee time.