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Miss Diana Teneriffe 20

September 30, 2015 − Miss Diana

2:44 minutes
Just a short clip, me whipping my bitch slave! 




Lady Cathy Heaven 03

September 25, 2015 − Lady Cathy Heaven

5:54 minutes
It's pee time !



Miss Diana Teneriffe 19

September 20, 2015 − Miss Diana

5:35 minutes
Swiss bitch has to keep my shoes clean! 




Lady Cathy Heaven 02

September 15, 2015 − Lady Cathy Heaven

13:08 minutes
Lady Cathy Heaven teaches her slaves how to worship ladys feet. They have to lick her shoes clean first, then the same with her sweaty feet, what follows is a lesson in a deep throat action with ladys both feet at the same time!



Miss Diana Teneriffe 18

September 10, 2015 − Miss Diana

4:59 minutes
Swiss bitch has to eat all the dirt from my ears and nose. How disgusting! 




Lady Cathy Heaven 01

September 05, 2015 − Lady Cathy Heaven

16:40 minutes
This muscular Lady loves to play with her pets. She teases them a little by walking around and spitting in slave faces, she lets them worship her feet armpits and ass a little. She also slaps the pathetic faces just for her fun!



Miss Diana Teneriffe 17

August 30, 2015 − Miss Diana

6:29 minutes
How delicious is my spit, I bet you would love to find it out! I spit at a plate and my pathetic slave licks all my delicious spit!



Miss Diana special Teneriffe 05

August 25, 2015 − Miss Diana

5:03 minutes
It's peeing time !



Miss Diana special Teneriffe 04

August 20, 2015 − Miss Diana

5:42 minutes
It's peeing time !



Miss Diana special Teneriffe 03

August 15, 2015 − Miss Diana

8:06 minutes
It's peeing time !