Miss Diana Teneriffe 13

2015-07-15 − Miss Diana − 4:35 minutes
Slave swiss bitch shows me his poor small dick, he even trys to wenk it … I laugh about him kick in his balls and slap his stupid face!


Miss Diana Teneriffe 12

2015-07-10 − Miss Diana − 9:16 minutes
My stupid slave swiss bitch trys to tell me how beautiful I am. His English is very poor, so I am not satisfied with his descriptions and have to slap and kick his face for punishment.


Miss Diana Teneriffe 11

2015-07-05 − Miss Diana, Miss Mia Andersson − 6:54 minutes
My friend Miss Mia gives the slave a horny foot job, the slaves cums at her feet and have to lick her feet clean from his own sperm. I am sitting beside Mia and take a look at all this misery of his cock, sometimes I spit at it! 


Miss Diana Teneriffe 10

2015-06-30 − Miss Diana − 7:24 minutes
My slave swiss bitch is such a pervert, he loves to eat my spit and even my snot, I bet you would also like to try…


Prague session 05 - Clip 6

2015-06-20 − Lady Eliss, Lady Morgan Moon − 18:17 minutes
This clip is all about licking the dirt. First the slave must lick the Ladys shoes clean, then also the feet, following by yummy ass holes and at the end they let him lick all the sweat from Ladys armpits! What an honor for the slave!

Prague session 05 - Clip 5

2015-06-15 − Lady Eliss, Lady Morgan Moon − 15:23 minutes
Lady Morgan Moon and Lady Ellis have some more fun with the pathetic slave. They let him lick asses, feet and also dirty shoes, they kick him and use him as a ponny, they spit at him and slap his face-just the way our Ladys deal with pathetic slaves!

Prague session 05 - Clip 3

2015-06-05 − Lady Eliss, Lady Morgan Moon − 20:41 minutes
After some humiliation swiss bitch took the girls for shopping, because every real slave is also a money slave. At home he pays the Ladys for some more spit and the possibillity of licking all the street dirt from ladys shoes! Swiss bitch bags the girls also for some strapon action. They want him to show how much money he still has. The Ladys are very pissed how much money resist after shopping, they take it all put strapons on, he has to suck the dicks and fuck his ass realy hard!

Prague session 05 - Clip 1

2015-05-26 − Lady Eliss, Lady Morgan Moon − 16:59 minutes
Swiss Bitch comes to Prague for some humiliation by beautiful Ladys...well Lady Morgan and Lady Eliss comes in his appartmant wearing very sexy spandex pants and black lather boots. Swiss bitch has to lick all the street dirt from the boots, especially the soles are dirty so that the slave has to clean it with his tongue. The Ladys help him by spitting directly in his pathetic mouth or at the shoes. Lady Morgan is the biggest talent since a long time, her look is so dominant, she always has the control over the slave and her eyes shine when she slaps the face of the slave so merciless like only really cruel girls can do! She is also very talented in verbal humiliation!

Miss Paula 07

2015-05-21 − Miss Paula − 20:53 minutes
After taking a shower Miss Paula lets her slave worship her feet first, then she starts to tease him by sexy walking around him (sitting on a chair) and using his face as a target for her spit and face slaps!

Miss Paula 06

2015-05-16 − Miss Paula − 12:43 minutes
Tags: teasing

Miss Diana Teneriffe 09

2015-05-11 − Miss Diana − 9:13 minutes
Miss Paula is teasing swiss bitch by changing panties in front of him.
First I crush two tomatoes like I would do with your balls, then my slave has to lick my feet clean.


Miss Diana Teneriffe 08

2015-05-06 − Miss Diana − 8:03 minutes
Swiss bitch trys to come out from the pool I tease him with my ass and when he comes I spit in his face and slap hard his stupid face.