The girls feed the slave with some meat and potatos. They chew it first, and spit it all in slaves mouth! Then they spit on the food and let the slave eat it!
This clip shows some games with kitchen garbage and the head of the slave. The girls spit a lot on his face full of garbage! This clip is cruel!
The girls are cooking in the kitchen, the slave crowls on the floor and try to touch the girls! They spit at him and slap his face!
face sitting, ass worship, whipping, foot worship
After licking mistresses shoes, the slave gets a lot of spit from a bowl!
This is the final clip of the Warsaw Session No 3. Spitting, Face Slapping, Boots Worship
The girls continue to spit on slave while he worships the boots!
The girls spit a lot on slave while he whorships the boots!
Ass worship and foot worship in this clip!
Ass worship, pussy worship and whipping in this clip !
Hot spitting and shoe worship action in this clip!
The slave continue with licking the boots!
Isabell and Emilla teach the new Mistress Samantha how to deal with a slave!