Some public humiliation on the beach including: feet worship, ass worship, spitting, and face slapping!
Miss Nikki and Miss Carmen chew on a banana, they spit it in a condom, and inside! They ask the slave if he would like to...then they spit on him and let him worship the assholes!
Miss Carmen and Miss Nikki have some fun visiting the slave in the morning in his hotel room! They let him worship her feet for a long time then they spit on his face, slap his face, kick him, and let him lick deep inside the assholes!
Some backstage impressions from Mallorca Session 1!
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Mallorca session 01 - Clip 6

2014-01-21 − Princess Nikki − 6:13 minutes
Night Humiliation on the beach in front of our hotel. Miss Nikki enjoys to let the slave clean her asshole before she goes to bed!
A long clip with Miss Nicky and Miss Carmen humiliate a slave in the dunes! There is a lot of hard face slapping, spitting, hard whipping, ass worship and feet worship inside!
Miss Nikky asks the slave if he would like to sup her pee ... she is not satisfied with his answer so she and Miss Carmen slap his face, spit in his face, they whip him and kick him!
Face slapping, spitting, ass worship, feet worship, caning and more on the beach!
Slave Tommy is too stupid to drive the car, so Miss Carmen and Miss Nicky are very disappointed! They whip him, kick him, spit a lot at him, slap his face, he has to worship feet and asses!
Miss Nikki orders the slave to shave her pussy! He has to eat her pussy hair! She is not satisfied with his work, so she spits on him and slaps his face very hard! He also has to worship her feet!
Isabell and Samantha whip the slave slap his face and spit on him, that´s the way they say goodby to the slave!
This clip is a kind of Mistress´s point of view! The girls spit on a mirror and let the slave lick the spit!
It´s time for the big foot worship and ass worship contest!
The ultimate clip for all lovers of face slapping! A face slapping contest with three girls and a slave!
The ultimate clip for all spitting lovers!Three girls and a slave in an big spitting contest! Can you taste your Mistress slave?
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