Duisburg session 01.4

2017-09-25 − Lady Marina − 8:52 Minuten
Lady Marina dislikes fat slaves, so she gives her new slave a hard training! She kicks his body when he is running not fast enough, she lets him lick the soles of her snikers!

Duisburg session 01.3

2017-09-20 − Lady Marina − 5:10 Minuten
Lady Marina uses her slaves as spittons! She loves to humiliate them in this way! The cam is behind the slaves faces, so you have a pov view, you can imagine Lady Marina is spitting in your face!
Schlagworte: spitting, spitton

Duisburg session 01.2

2017-09-15 − Lady Marina − 11:10 Minuten
Lady Marina uses slave swiss bitch to clean her ass. She lets him stick his tongue deep into her yummy ass! Then she teases her slaves showing them how she will use them as her pissing slaves!

Duisburg session 01.1

2017-09-10 − Lady Marina − 14:38 Minuten
Lady Marina presents us her new slave. She asks him about his perversions, and then she makes with him what she wants. She slaps his face, she spits at him she kicks him and whips him. Clip in German! Laddy Marina is a very strict German Lady!

Dortmund session 01.3

2017-09-05 − Lady Marina − 18:00 Minuten
Strict Lady Marina presents herself first, she teases you with her perfect body, beautifull tits and such a yummy ass. You can see it from down from the slave perspective! Then she sits down at the face of her slave and lets him lick her asshole clean while she speaks with her friend at the phone. She ignores him mostly, but from time to time she spits down in his ugly face!
Schlagworte: spitting, ass licking, tampon

Dortmund session 01.2

2017-08-30 − Lady Marina − 19:42 Minuten
This clip is about humiliation and pain! Lady Marina lets the slave lick the dirty soles of her snikers clean first. She helps him by spitting very vulgar in his mouth! Then she gives him some hard face slaps, she kicks him everywhere, also in his balls just to remind him where he belongs! This Lady can be so cruel, and she has so beautifull tits :)

Dortmund session 01.1

2017-08-25 − Lady Marina − 17:53 Minuten
Lady Marina is a very strong German Lady. Her face looks really strong and she is very strong with the slaves. Her speech is very raunchy. In this firs clip she finds her slave laying in the toilet, and she gives him what a slave deserve. Really hard face slapping, very humiliating spitting in the face, she lets the slave lick her asshole, her shoes and feet, she also feeds him with her tampon. She is pe..ng in the toilet and explain the slave that he will have to eat her gifts when she leaves the bathroom!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 41

2017-08-17 − Miss Diana − 14:25 Minuten
I decided to kick out swiss bitch, he can not take enough for me, I need a new house slave. For the last time I tease him a little with my perfect ass, my yummy spit and champagner!
Schlagworte: teasing, spitting, champagne

Miss Diana Teneriffe 40

2017-08-10 − Miss Diana − 6:03 Minuten
It is so funny to slap his pathetic face with my ass cheeks!
Schlagworte: ass worship
Me, Princess Nikki and Lady Morgan Moon give swiss bitch a lesson in face sitting. My both girlfriends in sexy jeans, Me in sexy hot pants, we take place at his face. At the end he has to jerk while we counted him down for cumming!
Schlagworte: face sitting

Miss Diana Teneriffe 38

2017-07-27 − Miss Diana − 12:29 Minuten
My slave has to worship my feet and ass while I spit at him and slap his looser face!
Me,  Nikki and Morgan we are so hot, but our shoes are so dirty - to be honest we made them dirty with intent haha ... Our disgusting slave licks the soles clean, he also worship our feet. From time to time we spit in his pathetic face. At the end he has to cum in a cup and lick all his own mess clean ... I almost have to pu..ke when I see this disgusting pig eating his own sperm!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 37

2017-07-15 − Miss Diana − 13:05 Minuten
I see my slave filming a nacked man at the pool, I have to punish him in my special way!
Schlagworte: peeing
Me, Princess Nikki and Lady Morgan Moon spit at a window, the cam is on the other site so you have the feeling we spit directly in your face, yoop that is the only thing you deserve I know bitch, so watch it and wenk idiot. At the end swiss bitch has to cum at the window and lick his mess mixed with our spit. I think this pig liked it, how disgusting!
Schlagworte: cum eating, spitting

Miss Diana Teneriffe 36

2017-07-05 − Miss Diana − 4:01 Minuten
While I am reading a magazine my pathetic slave has to clean my dirty asshole!
Schlagworte: ass licking